“We are nature” | Julieta XLF

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"We are nature" | Julieta XLF

Creation: 25/06/2019

Description :

” This wall has a simple message, it’s a big hug to Nature with all the different feelings and meanings each one can feel and find on the act of hugging. Its a way to say sorry and thanks at the same time, means taking care, being together… In this case I use the Lynx as a Symbol that connects The Alps and its wildlife with my country, Spain, where there is an endemic Lynx the “lynx pardinus” that is in high risk of extinction. I choose this image to talk about the need to reconnect with what we are. That’s why I called it ” We are Nature”.

Events :

TerminéStreet Art Fest 2019Grenoble, Fontaine, Saint Martin d'Hères, Le Pont de Claix et le Domaine Universitaire.31/05/2019 - 30/06/2019

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